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Prague design shop with a curated selection of designer glass, ceramics, jewellery, fashion accessories and collectibles by renowned designers.

Our design shop is where you will find established Czech jewellery makers from the K.O.V. UPRUM studio like Eva Růžičková, Klára Šípková, Nastassia Aleinikava, ANINA, Markéta Kratochvílová. You can also find Ela Chroust a goldsmiths seeking to brush away the deposits of outdated ideas from her craft.

We have chosen works by the best Czech designers such as prof. Pelcl and studio Qubus for you, and offer the exclusive opportunity to purchase original ceramics from the Plody Erlanu collection by David Střeleček, as well as porcelain poured into paper moulds by David Síla, vases by Daniela Vrabcová Chodilová, conceptual works in glass by Karolína Vorlíková, and ceramics by Markéta VuTru.

In addition to our unique curated selection, also available online, we provide a comprehensive service from consultation to packaging works. Alena Schneiderová and her team will be happy to assist you at our design shop.



Nastassia Aleinikava

Nastasia Aleinikava
Nastasia Aleinikava - náušnice dlouhéNastasia Aleinikava - brožNastasia Aleinikava - brýleNastasia Aleinikava - náušnice zlaté peckyNastasia Aleinikava - řetízek zlatýNastasia Aleinikava - snubní prstenyNastassia Aleinikava - náušniceNastassia Aleinikava - náušniceNastassia Aleinikava - jahodový prstenNastassia Aleinikava - jahodový prsten

The works of Nastassia Aleinikava is spread out between a decent jewel of a great quality and unseen shapes and styles of glasses that can be considered unconventional. In her work, she takes inspiration from her homeland in Belarus as well as from natural details or cultural heritage that have been formed for ages and are still relevant.

Her journey went through K.O.V. studio (headed by Eva Eisler) at UMPRUM in Prague, several nominations for Czech Grand Design Award (in 2008, 2011, 2013 and 2014) to authorial jewels in collections of the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague and private collections. What makes her works so important is also the usage of materials. Glasses by Aleinikava are remarkable for being fully handmade from material of a high quality – Italian cellulose acetate by Mazzucchelli.

Anina Jewellery

Anina Jewellery
Anina Jewellery - náhrdelník skloAnina Jewellery - náhrdelník kámenAnina Jewellery - náhrdelník kovAnina Jewellery - šperkAnina Jewellery - náušnice dlouhéAnina Jewellery - náušnice stříbro

Anina Bartákova graduated from the K.O.V. studio at UMPRUM under the guidance of Eva Eisler. She has been involved in jewellery and fashion since her student years.

Her jewellery tends to be in contrast with today´s sleekness. She surprises us with her combinations of materials and shapes or inspiration from everyday things such as signatures or beleif.


Blueberries - náhrdelníkyBlueberries - náramekBlueberries - náušnice zlatéBlueberries - náušniceBlueberries - pesBlueberries - prsten zlatoBlueberries - šperk černýBlueberries - náušnice zlaté

This brand was founded by jeweller Markéta Richterová and designer Zbyněk Krulich. They have worked together before, when Zbyněk prepared installations for jewellery shows for Markéta.

In 2012, they presented their first jewellery collection at Designblok. These were bracelets, earrings and a necklaces made of nylon using 3D printing technology. That year they also won the Czech Grand Design 2012 award. Now they also create jewellery from other materials, such as stainless steel, acrylic, silver and gold.

Aleš Boem

Boem Aleš
Aleš Boem - džbánAleš Boem - kancelářské doplňkyBoem Aleš - žluté pouzdroBoem Aleš - zelený květináčBoem Aleš - modrá vázaBoem Aleš - černá mísaBoem Aleš - žlutá váza

There is no difference in designing🪑 🧥 🕶 or 🚀. It is only about the way of thinking. This makes everybody different and unique. Each project we do is taken through a strategic process, resulting in a meaningful, adaptive solution.

We are not always trying to follow the trends, but looking back into the history and combine the traditions with contemporary or futuristic possibilities. One cannot exist without the other. Life is about learning new things and we live in a cycles. Change is inevitable so that something new can arise. Less is more and at the same time less is bore. Creating and living both directions teaches us being in harmony with logic and emotions. We are all comfortable with old and at the same we want something new. And creating something new is possible only with the knowledge of heritage.  We can use what have been invented to discover something new. The technology and evolution pushes us faster to undescovered.

Ursula Futura

Futura Ursula
Futura Ursula - miskaFutura Ursula - miskaFutura Ursula - vázaFutura Ursula - sada misekFutura Ursula - váza velkáFutura Ursula - obrazFutura Ursula - zrcadloFutura Ursula -

The design studio Ursula Futura creates extra-ordinary, contemporary objects with emotional functionality at the forefront. Inspired by nature, science and moments of wonder, the studio’s design objects for living spaces transcend between poetic vision and function, between fiction and reality.

Ursula Futura is under the creative and strategic direction of Kathrin Zelger. Ursula is the symbol for our courageous alter ego. A sassy and bold person who is brave enough to do exactly what they feel like doing. Like Ursula, the Ursula Futura design objects are bold, optimistic, and futuristic.

Markéta Kratochvílová

Kratochvílová Markéta
Kratochvílová Markéta - kompletKratochvílová Markéta - kompletKratochvílová Markéta - kompletKratochvílová Markéta - kompletKratochvílová Markéta - kompletKratochvílová Markéta - kompletKratochvílová Markéta - náramekKratochvílová Markéta - kompletKratochvílová Markéta - náušniceKratochvílová Markéta - náušniceKratochvílová Markéta - prsten

Marketa Kratochvilova’s work explores the links between the form of objects and the body. She considers the relationship between body and jewelry an important partnership that presents the personality of the wearer as well as affects it.

Marketa Kratochvilova is interested in the dark recesses of the primordial, the ambivalence of natural and artificial forms, and the story of the hidden intimate self in contrast with provocatively expressive ornaments. Her work returns to a clear, modernist expression and creates a system of elements that are already characteristic of her work. In 2017, she launched Bold Studio in Prague as a showroom and workshop dedicated to jewelry and experimental design.


LAOKON - malbaLAOKON - obraz zelenýLAOKON - ryté sklo sklenkaLAOKON - sklenkyLAOKON - vázy barevnéLAOKON - vázy čiréLAOKON - vázy hnědéLAOKON - vázy jednoduché

There is a huge power, authenticity of craftsmanship, elegance, re-knowledge hidden in each of our products. After graduating from Umprum in Prague, we established our studio in 2020 with the clear goal of producing quality contemporary designer glass on the border of art and design.

Our production takes place in the heart of Europe. We work and are based in Prague and Nový Bor, where all our glass is manufactured. It all starts with an author’s design, which is consulted with glass craftsmen before the actual production takes place. In many cases, however, glass is its factor, but that fascinates us. Sometimes it surprises us and forces us to experiment. Your interiors and human desire to be different inspire us to create something exceptional, with long-lasting value. 

Karla Olšáková

Karla Olšáková
Karla Olšáková - mare náhrdelníkKarla Olšáková - tube náušniceKarla Olšáková - organic prstenKarla Olšáková - pearl náušniceKarla Olšáková - pearl náušniceKarla Olšáková - lines náušniceKarla Olšáková - lines náhrdelníkKarla Olšáková - cube náramek

The studio was founded by Karla Olšáková in 2011 has been part of Rudolf Rusňák since 2018. Karla graduated from UMPRUM in Prague, studio K.O.V. Rudolf graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava from the ceramics studio.

Karla and Rudolf make jewellery by hand from silver and gold using traditional jewellery making techniques. We can also find collections in which they use other materials, such as wood, veneer, slate, rubber or concrete. Their work focuses mainly on architectural quality. Some of their jewellery can be found in private collections in Vienna, Hamburg, New York, Bratislava and the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague. In 2011 Karla was awarded the Marzee Graduate Prize.

Jiří Pelcl

Jiří Pelcl
Jiří Pelcl - hrníčkyJiří Pelcl - sklenkyJiří Pelcl - vázyJiří Pelcl - karafaJiří Pelcl - porcelánJiří Pelcl - stolekJiří PelclJiří Pelcl - židleJiří Pelcl - svícenJiří Pelcl - vázy velké

Professor of Architecture Jiří Pelcl teaches at UMPRUM in Prague, where he was also Rector. In addition to his practical work, he is interested in design theory, publishes texts and gives guest lectures at domestic and foreign universities.

He has created a number of interiors for prestigious buildings (interiors for President Václav Havel at Prague Castle, the Czech House in Malmö, etc.). In 2006 he won the National Design Award, the Form Award in Germany, in 2007 the Design Plus Award in Germany and the Czech Grand Design Award for Designer of the Year. His work is represented in major design museums such as the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Daniel Piršč

Piršč Daniel
Piršč Daniel - 3D obraz detailPiršč Daniel - lampyPiršč Daniel - lampaPiršč DanielPiršč Daniel - váza velkáPiršč Daniel - váza zlatáPiršč Daniel - 3D obraz zlatýPiršč Daniel - 3D obraz zelenýPiršč Daniel - porcelánPiršč Daniel - vázy bílé

Daniel Pirsc is a renowned Czech designer in of porcelain. His pursuit of new applications for porcelain in interior decor, architecture and customised designs have led to numerous design awards.

Quality, production methods, innovative technology and exceptional design set Daniel Pirsc apart in the Czech Republic and abroad as a true master of his craft. Pirsc studied porcelain and ceramic at the renowned College of Industrial Arts. He has been operating the PIRSC PORCELAIN studio in Mikulov, Czech Republic since 2005 and is currently Head of Porcelain and Ceramics at the College of Industrial Arts in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Rony Plesl

Plesl Rony
Plesl Rony - vázaPlesl Rony - sklenkyPlesl Rony - sklenkyPlesl Rony - skicaPlesl Rony - skica

Rückl, the oldest Czech glassworks, is a pioneer of Czech cut crystal that is also renowned abroad. Its collections combine contemporary design with precise cutting methods in a tribute to Czech glassmaking.

2017 was a breakthrough year for the brand, when it gained a new modern face thanks to its creative director Rony Plesl. The cooperation with the brand started with the Love glass collection featuringa cut heart, which became a symbol of its beginning. Rony’s intention was to create a gift that evokes positive emotions and passions. The cut heart inspired by tattoos later evolved into the iconic lettered jars. Since 2022, designer Kateřina Handlová has been the artistic director.

Plody Erlanu

Plody Erlanu - váza hnědáPlody Erlanu - váza béžováPlody Erlanu - váza rezPlody Erlanu - váza zelenáPlody Erlanu - váza béžováPlody Erlanu - váza zelenáPlody Erlanu - váza rez

Plody Erlanu are a ceramic design studio and a brand. In our laboratory, using traditional techniques, processes and recipes, we make glazes and discover our limits and desires.

Mesmerized by the secret world of minerals, we make ceramic vessels.  Thanks to our manual work and the unpredictability of ceramic processes, each piece is unique and has its own character. Made in Prague, under the brand Plody Erlanu.

Janja Prokić

Prokič Janja
Prokič Janja - řetízek a nušniceProkič Janja - prstenProkič Janja - náhrdelník magnolieProkič Janja - náhrdelník šalvějProkič Janja - náušnice kvítkyProkič Janja - náušnice

Janja Prokič is a graduate of AVU and VŠUP. She has been making jewellery since 2011, when she was first nominated for the Czech Grand Design award, followed by several nominations and in 2014 in 2018 she was awarded the title of Jewellery Designer of the Year.

All jewellery collections are in some way based on her personal life, she calls them her diaries. She is inspired by her studies of shamanism, symbolism or white magic as well as her childhood, dreams and fairy tales. Her greatest muse is nature.
She exhibits her work all over the world. She opened her own studio in Prague in December 2017 and her first brick-and-mortar shop in Kampa in August 2022.

Qubus Design studio

Qubus - tác ČRQubus - svícnyQubus - váza zelenáQubus - vázyQubus -

In 2002 Jakub Berdych established Qubus with the aim to create nonstandard design shop, presenting above all contemporary czech and conceptual design of world wide known names and brands. In the same year, together with Maxim Velčovský, based Qubus Design studio.

Under the name Qubus a whole line of works and compact collections, so significant for the Qubus handwriting is produced. Both designers participate on the brand development and it’s abroad crossover or a certain fame. Qubus Design studio is established with concentration on interior, architectural, installation or graphic design commissions. Currently, Jakub Berdych and Josef Tomšej form the Qubus studio. Together they continue to work on building their brand, presenting themselves abroad and on interior and architectural realizations.

Kateřina Reich

Reich Kateřina
Reich Kateřina - náramekReich Kateřina - aplikace do uchaReich KateřinaReich Kateřina - čelenka kamenyReich Kateřina - bagReich Kateřina - perlová čelenkaReich Kateřina - náramkyReich Kateřina - náušnice minimalistickéReich Kateřina - lungo prstenyReich Kateřina - náhrdelníkReich Kateřina - perlová čelenkaReich Kateřina - štít šedý

Czech jewellery designer Kateřina Reich focuses on original jewellery and objects inspired by futuristic style. The leitmotif of her work is a vision of the future.

Her artistic style is close to constructivism and her jewellery is recognisable by its perfectionist geometric lines complemented with elaborate detail. Kateřina is interested in unconventional, innovative ways of creating jewellery. Her best designs border on body art, although she still emphasizes their functionality in everyday wear.

Replica Ceramics

Replica Ceramics
Replica Ceramics -  sadaReplica Ceramics - vázaReplica Ceramics - vázaReplica Ceramics - svícenReplica Ceramics - vázaReplica Ceramics - podložka

Replica Ceramics is hand crafted line produced by designer MgA. Jiří Žežula. His work is related to balanced simplicity and brutalist retro-futuristic visuality. Main impress is rough, elegant and significant.

Jiří graduated at MA in Sculpture – Ceramics dpt. in 2018 in Pilsen CZ and after moved to live and work to Berlin DE where he founded Replica Ceramics label. After his come back to Prague CZ opened ceramic studio Hlinotéka with his partners, where he is based since.

Eva Růžičková

Růžičková Eva
Černý prstenčerno zlatý náhrdelníkbílý náhrdelníkzlaté náušnice kapkyprsten stříbrný nalveprsteny shining kapkyprsteny dřevěné slatesnubní prsteny zlatozlatý prsten květynáušnice zodiacNáhredelník červená kapka

Eva Růžičková is an alumni of the UMPRUM studio of K.O.V. in Prague led by Eva Eisler. During her studies, she underwent an internship in Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design in Halle, Germany, at the studio Schmuck of Daniel Kruger. In 2016 her work was chosen for the prestigious show TALENTE in Munich. She also exhibited in Milan, New York, Berlin and London.

“ I am fascinated by craft, technology and the endless potential of materials. That is why I like to experiment and use materials such as wood, cork, slate, mother of pearl and many others. I also put emphasis on precise craftsmanship and detail. I perceive the jewel a personal or even intimate statement, something very close to the body and I would like to include these, for me, important.”

David Síla

Síla David
Síla David - sada mísSíla David - sada mísSíla David - salátové mísySíla David - sada mísSíla David - mísa bíláSíla David - mísy bíléSíla David

Collection “D”
is a porcelain collection of bowls in four sizes. It has a wide range of uses for both serving and preparing food. Thanks to the durability of the material, they are also suitable for baking.

The author of the collection is David Síla – a graduate of the Ceramics Design Studio at the Faculty of Art and Design of the University of Applied Sciences in Ústí nad Labem. He designed and realized the collection of porcelain bowls as his Master’s project. He dealt not only with the design of the products themselves, but primarily with the innovation of the production process. Here he uses a 3D printed mould and a cardboard strip to shape the unique structure of the outer surface of the bowls.


Smyssly - olejíčekSmyssly - mýdloSmyssly - olejíčekSmyssly - mýdloSmyssly - mýdloSmyssly - sada kosmetikySmyssly - dřevoSmyssly - sada kosmetiky

We’re unconventional Czech brand, conventionally originated by the strong relationship of mother and daughter.

Two persons demarked by one generation, different in experiences, but perfectly fit in one creative symbiosis. Love to design, respect to nature and high quality cosmetic products with our personal envoi. SMYSSLY, the message, the mission.

PBG studio

PBPBG - zelená kabelkaPBG - šátekPBG - kabelka zelenáPBG - pásekPBG - mini bagPBG - mini bagPBG - prsten detailPBG - prstenyPBG - set šperkůPBG - náušnice

Our products are made to be used and loved for a long time. That’s our ideology and what we strive for.  Each of our products is created in dialogue between our team with an emphasis on the quality of the material and detail.

Our bags and accessories are mostly made from natural materials as leather, cotton or linen and comes from Italy and Spain. However, they are designed, processed and carefully packed exclusively in our local workshop in Prague. 


Totemo - skládačkaTotemo - skládačkaTotemo - skládačkaTotemo - skládačkaTotemo - skládačkaTotemo - skládačkaTotemo - skládačkaTotemo - skládačkaTotemo - skládačkaTotemo - skládačka

It is a GAME, that has no winner nor loser, it’s a MEDIUM, for expanding imagination and creativity, LIBERATING from past conventions, and encouraging ABSTRACT thinking. It connects generations through shared play, It GROWS with you and you GROW with it.

It’s for LITTLE ONES and GROWN UPS AS WELL, is inspired by CHILDREN’S FANTASY and the ability to SEE the UNSEEN. It is about breathing life into COLORS and SHAPES, a search for PERSPECTIVES, the birth of NEW WORLDS. It is a PAINTING and SCULPTURE, it is ZEN, NOW and THEN, it is a LANDMARK and a LANDSCAPE, it is a STEAMSHIP and a SPACESHIP. It’s TOTEMO. It’s simply the furthest limit of your fantasy. And by the way, it’s a BUILDING SET.


Vobouch - cibulákVobouch - siluetové vázyVobouch - sklenkaVobouch - vázy zlatéVobouch - cibulákVobouch - černé vázyVobouchVobouch - váza bíláVobouch - váza bíláVobouch - vázy set

Studio VOBOUCH brings original ways of combining traditional materials, glass and porcelain, with other materials. At the moment, it is mainly concrete.

Thanks to its great tradition in Bohemia, porcelain and glass are an inexhaustible inspiration. Concrete is then the material that brings tradition into the present.
Theire products are primarily intended for the interior. By combining traditional Czech glass and porcelain with concrete, they go well in contemporary architecture as well as in historicizing interiors. The minimalist geometric blocks of concrete contain within the beauty of typical Czech shapes.

Karolína Vorlíková

Vorlíková Karolína
Vorlíková Karolína - bylo nebyloVorlíková Karolína - geometrieVorlíková Karolína - mísaVorlíková Karolína - sklenkyVorlíková KarolínaVorlíková Karolína - sponaVorlíková Karolína - váza čiráVorlíková Karolína - váza

Karolína Vorlíková is a visual designer who works with various technologies. Her favorite became glass, through which she can express her visual language and tell stories to the viewer.

She studied graphic design and so there is a lot of simple line symbols in her work. Proud owner of Japanes Akita-inu Kira. You coud see her works in the Nika gallery, Artdistrict Vyšehrad, MATMOS, the Passage of Czech Design, but also at events such as Katarze or Designblok. 


Whoop-de-doo - kompletní nabídkaWhoop-de-doo - venušiny kuličkyWhoop-de-dooWhoop-de-doo - lubrikační gelWhoop-de-doo - menstruační kalíšekWhoop-de-doo - menstruační kalíšekWhoop-de-doo - venušiny kuličkyWhoop-de-doo - vibrátor

There may be many intimate aids, but there’s only one Whoop·de·doo.

It started out innocently, as the thesis of a product design student and one of today’s leading Czech designers, Anna Maresova, who decided to create products that women would love and could indulge in.

Martin Žampach


An industrial designer graduated from the Secondary Glass Art School.

In 2006 he graduated from the Tomas Bata University in Zlín, where he studied Industrial Design, both in the Czech Republic. He also studied Product Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, Poland.