Romana Drdová
Romana Drdová - umělecké díloRomana Drdová -umělecké díloRomana Drdová - umělecké díloRomana Drdová - umělecké díloRomana Drdová - umělecké díloRomana Drdová - umělecké dílo

Romana Drdová

Romana Drdová was a student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (Studio of New Media)

She also went on several study stays, e.g. at the Korean University in Seoul and at HfG in Karlsruhe.

Her work, often in the media of object, photography and installation, is characterized by its pure aesthetic, often even transparency, and use of light, matter and emptiness combined with specific materials and techniques inspired by the context of visual arts as well as the world of fashion, technology and design. In a sensitive and metaphorical way, she deals with the theme of perception and human interaction at the time of “data smog.”

Romana Drdová has introduced her work primarily at Czech independent institutions (solo exhibitions at Prague’s Futura and Karlin Studios) as well as at the National Gallery in Prague and in the international context in New York, Berlin and South Korea.

Artist's exhibitions

The Abstract & Reality

Metahumens - Romana Drdová - výstava Abstrakce a realita
Barbora Lepší - umělecké díloMetahumens - Romana Drdová - výstava Abstrakce a realitaLenka Glisníková - umělecké díloBarbora Lepší - výstava Abstrakce a realitaMetahumens - umělecké dílo - Michal Pustějovský - Romana DrdováTadeáš Podracký - Barbota Lepší - výstava Abstrakce a realitaLenka GlisníkováTomáš Absoln - výstava Abstrakce a realitaBarbota Lepší - výstava Abstrakce a realita
Nov. 2, 2022 - Feb. 28, 2023
The Abstract & Reality exhibition presents works by contemporary young Czech artists.

The selection of works displays abstract drawings and paintings by Barbora Lepší and Tomáš Absolon, and is combined with experimental photographs by Lenka Glisníková.

In a single place, you have the opportunity to view a combination of contemporary Czech design and art by Tadeáš Podracký.

Metahumans by Michal Pustějovský and Romana Drdová is displayed in the shop window, and reacts to passers-by. These works are holographic projections of artificially created beings with pre-determined emotions.